Hello and thanks for visiting. We’re happy that you’ve decided to learn more about Air and Space Academy. In short, we’re an award-winning charter school that’s also tuition-free and based off a K-8 model of education. Everyone who applies to Air and Space Academy is considered and we specialize in teaching students on the autism spectrum who want to learn in a bully-free and supportive environment. As you can see from photos and videos on our website, we have absolutely accomplished that goal while teaching crucial concepts pertaining to S.T.E.M. curriculum. This supportive environment is what allows our graduates to pursue fruitful careers later on in life. We think that after learning more about us at Air and Space Academy, parents and guardians may want to consider a site visit. Our two locations are conveniently-located in Tucson and Green Valley. To learn more, please call 520-544 0220 or 520-399-4700 for more information.