Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) at our schools!

Our Schools take pride in the K-8 model of education it offers for students with autism and for students wanting more advanced instruction within a small class of 15 students.The science, technology, engineering, and math (S.T.E.M.) curriculum is also of great importance in our classrooms at our charter schools for children with autism that also accept all student applicants interested in STEM and technologies related to flight and coding. The S.T.E.M. program covers educational topics that will teach pupils all about the world around them while making it practical for the classroom environment. It also and prepare students for a future in occupations such as software developer, computer system analyst, and biomedical engineer. If you’re a parent or guardian and are looking for schools in Arizona that can educate your young one in S.T.E.M. standards, look no further. As one of the best schools in Arizona for autism and for students who enjoy high-level academics and small class sizes, we invite you to join our charter school for an individualized learning achievement S.T.E.M. course!


S.T.E.M. with Air and Space Academy First Graders 


S.T.E.M. Holiday Workshop Building Cars, Baking, and Flight! 


Just Having Fun 


Kindergarten at the Air and Space Academy 


1st Grade – Noah is in Kindergarten 




Counting with Noah – 1 to 100 with Noah