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Our “On The Spectrum and Successful” Program at the Air and Space Academy is limited to 15 students per year in grades 1-8 and is Tuition Free to all Arizona residents.

This unique program serves students who are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, and who may have a difficulty with social perception and higher academic achievement. Our “On The Spectrum and Successful” Program, first through eighth grades, provides small class sizes and routine yet flexible learning environments within a structured framework.

Air and Space Academy integrates academic support software and advanced learning innovations, such as; CODE.org, Flight Missions using flight simulators, you build it S.T.E.M. learning discoveries, and MyOn Reading to facilitate student engagement. On a daily basis, Air and Space Academy empowers students within a structured social skills program which supports a student’s individual learning needs and prepares him/her to transition into a less restrictive environment. We also establish daily goals for school and home for each student. This is our 360 instructional models that focus on your child’s learning.

The course of study incorporates the Arizona education curriculum guidelines (Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards) and a defined social skills program that is established by the student, family support team, and behavioral specialist.

The Air and Space Academy program empowers students to master their individual academic, life skills, and social/emotional goals.

Our “On The Spectrum and Successful” program encompasses:

1) Small classes which feature goals which individualize each child’s learning achievement. These goals address academic, social, and sensory needs for each student.
2) The Air and Space Academy focuses on developing and applying everyday social skills which are supported in classrooms, during lunch with the teacher, and extended to extra curricula activities, such as; instruction from learning discoveries (S.T.E.M.), fine arts, and flight missions.
3) Critical thinking and problem solving strategies are developed using a variety of digital materials and social interactive team simulations.

Tuition Free!
Classes for our “On The Spectrum and Successful” Program begin right now for your child.

Email us today at: MaryLou@AirandSpaceAcademy.com, for more information on this wonderful program “On The Spectrum and Successful”. You can also call: 520-399-4700 and ask for Mary Lou or Debra.

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