If you’re interested in going on an African Trek, visit the Africa zoo area in Reid Park Zoo. In this zoo area, you will be able to see white rhinos, ostriches (the largest and heaviest birds in the world), and camels. Watch the zebras take mud or dust baths and observe the different stripe patterns of each zebra. Just like every human has different fingerprints, every zebra has a unique pattern of stripes.

Head over to the Giraffe Encounter in the Africa zoo area if you want to see these long-necked and spotted creatures. Visitors who stop by the Giraffe Encounter help raise money for conservation and field projects. Also, keep in mind that the Africa zone houses the Expedition Tanzania, which is discussed below.

South America

Travel to South America to see lions, jaguars, macaws, aviaries, tapirs, and more. Listen for the ghost-like calls of the lemurs and watch these creatures play on platforms and ropes and rely on their tails for balance. The Flight Connection, which is a large aviary, hosts many species of birds from not just Asia but also Africa and Australia. Therefore, if you’re tired of seeing just pigeons and seagulls back at home, you will be able to see a wide variety of birds here at Reid Park Zoo.


Take breathless photos of gibbons, Andean bears, and more in the Asia zoo area. If it’s a warm day, you may be able to watch tigers Sita and Baheem enjoy a dip in the pool. Since tigers are solitary creatures, Sita and Baheem live in separate halves of the habitat, but interact from time to time along the fence line. Tiger stripes are unique just like the stripes of a zebra. All the animals that will surround you in this exhibit will make you feel as if you are in an Asian rainforest.

Expedition Tanzania

Expedition Tanzania is a seven-acre exhibit that houses elephants. The purpose of this exhibit is to allow visitors to observe the elephants interact with the environment, interact with each other, explore, and play. Reid Park Zoo purposefully planned the design of the exhibit so that the elephants would have plenty of opportunities to rely on their senses in their daily lives.

In February 2012, five elephants were brought to the Reid Park Zoo from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. This group of elephants consisted of a mature male, two mature females, the son of the mature male and one of mature female, and a baby female elephant. One of the elephants was returned for breeding, but the other four remain.

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