The Spalding Education program is a complete language arts curriculum that will help all students grow in their understanding of reading, spelling, and writing. We believe that this curriculum will empower our students with not only an understanding of the language arts, but a lifelong appreciation as well.

What is the Spalding Method?

Also known as the The Writing Road to Reading, The Spalding Education Program is targeted for kindergarten to grade 6, to be a complete and comprehensive look at language arts. Its methodology consists of phonemic awareness in spelling, which separates words into individual sounds so that children get a better understanding of the language. Educational experts have shown that this type of learning improves reading comprehension substantially, as well as spelling. The program also uses other techniques, such as frequent spelling drills to ingrain the concepts of spelling and reading into children.

When teachers are using the method, they use explicit instructions, which assures that each portion of a given lesson is understood and demonstrated fully, meaning each child will understand the process before moving forward. The teachers also instruct using an interactive dialogue, allowing the kids to interact with the lesson, which helps them retain the lessons.

Finally, new words are taught in two ways: for spelling and for reading. The website explains this as

“When they read one-syllable dictated words for spelling, they say each sound to train the brain to process sounds sequentially for writing and spelling. When they read multi-syllable words, they say each syllable.”

“Next they read the words for ‘reading.’ They read each word in normal speech as they will when reading in a book.”

This method allows students to fully comprehend each word they learn.

Why Spalding?

We believe the Spalding method will give our students the best opportunity to succeed. Literacy is the gateway to all forms of education. A child cannot begin to grasp any other educational concept without being able to read.

According to a four year long study by Arizona State University, children who used The Writing Road to Reading program scored significantly higher on reading comprehension tests than students who used other learning methods. The findings suggested that this program is an effective method for enhancing reading performance in children.

Our students work very hard to be the best that they can be. Every day, week in and week out, our students put in a massive effort to achieve and surpass the goals we have set for them. We feel it is crucial that we provide them with the tools to learn everything they can, at a level we know they can achieve. We strongly feel that the Spalding Method will give them the greatest chance at being lifelong learners that take their education as seriously as we do.

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