This informational letter addresses the concerns of parents who understand well that their children in grades 2 to 5 need to develop high-level reading skills to succeed in later school years. We understand what needs to be done and provide here an explanation why the ELA Motivation Reading Program, aligned for the Common Core Standards, is best for charter school students.

Overall, the ELA Motivation Reading Program benefits both teachers and students by fostering an educational environment in which learning is possible. By providing clear and specific goals in each unit, the curriculum succeeds in helping kids understand what it is they need to do. As a result, students who complete the work will be able to satisfy, and perhaps surpass, the requirements set by Common Core for their age group.

The creators of this innovative educational approach designed the curriculum with the twenty-first century classroom in mind. There are online and print components to provide the type of flexibility needed for today’s kids to learn, wherever they may be. Gone are the days of educational attainment stopping when the bell rings. In such a competitive world, charter school students want to be able to study whenever possible. With the ELA Motivation Reading Program they can do just that, either in the book or on the Internet.

Another outstanding and unique contribution of this approach is its focus on critical thinking skills. Students need not only to be able to read a text, but also to understand why the information is significant. It is this ability to think beyond the ordinary that will make a kid a star in the classroom.

Here is a complete rundown of what the program can do to help students succeed in attaining the reading skills needed to do well in the future:

  1. Emphasizes Common Core Standards for each specific grade level.

Students receive instruction geared specifically toward what they need, to meet the expectations set for those in their age range, nationwide. There is no question as to whether what a student learns is relevant.

  1. Provides both literature and informational reading assignments.

To ensure that users obtain an ability to comprehend a wide range of texts, the ELA Motivational system includes a wide variety of reading sources. Students complete the units feeling confident in understanding what they have read.

  1. Integrates multiple standards into performance assessment sections.

One error that other learning systems make is in testing each standard alone. The result of this method is the inability of students to handle seemingly complex questions that incorporate various standards. This problem is not something that those using the ELA Motivation Reading, aligned for the Common Core Standards, need be concerned.

A high level of reading comprehension is necessary to make it in the Information Age. Charter schools that use the ELA Motivation Reading method are at the forefront of providing quality education for kids in grades 2 to 5.

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