For the past 30 years, the Tucson Community Food Bank has worked with the community for the support and betterment of the community.  We partner with many different agencies and residents in the community to work together to help provide food and more to those in need.  We continue to grow and expand our networks throughout the community.


Interfaith Community Services was founded in 1985.  It grew from a vision of volunteers and congregations from a variety of faiths coming together to share resources to provide more assistance for the community.  Not only has this approach grown to connect volunteers and build community bridges, but it has also helped to increase diversity understanding and acceptance.  Thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteer and community partners, we have expanded the food bank building in 2011 to serve over 21,000 hungry people over the past year.

Services We Provide

The Tucson food bank is housed in a 2,700 square-foot building designed to bring food to those in the community.   We can store fresh and frozen food.  This has increased our ability from serving 50 families a day to up to 150 families a day.  Distributing over 1,700 emergency food boxes a month filled with basic food staples to help individuals stretch their resources.  We have emergency food bags for the homeless for times of food crisis, and at times, we are also able to provide personal hygiene items.  During the holidays, we distribute over 2,000 traditional holiday meal makings.

Who We Serve

We serve individuals, families, and low-income senior citizens.  If a family’s breadwinner is out of work or the family has experienced a financial crisis, we will help put food on the table.  If someone is indigent or homeless, he or she won’t go hungry.  When a person is on a limited income and their food dollars won’t go far enough to feed them for the month, we can step in and provide the assistance necessary.

How Donations Help

Direct food items donated help us feed the hungry, so watch for our food drives.  We keep a list of most needed items on our website to visit to see what is needed most at any given time.  These donations come from individuals and grocery stores in the community.  Some prefer to donate money, which we can then use to purchase necessary food at a discounted price from our partnering grocery stores.  Donations of time for volunteer assistance in packing and delving food are always appreciated.  We need donations of all types year-round to help deliver food.

Community Partners

We partner with many different agencies in the community, such as Whole Foods, Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, local churches, and many more.  Food can be donated from grocery stores or they may be purchased with donation funds at a discounted cost.  Our community partners are the base of our operations, and without them, we wouldn’t be able to feed so many families in need.



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