Math at Air and Space Academy

At each grade level, the students learn multiplication. They learn zeros, ones, fives, tens, and

elevens in Kindergarten. In first grade, they add the twos, threes, fours, sixes, sevens, and

eights. Starting in second grade, they review all they have learned thus far and add the twelves.

The program called ALEKS is an online computer program that the students work at their own

pace with instruction from the teacher in what to focus on and how many topics to work on, on

any given day. This program conforms to each child’s own learning progress. It helps the

student get a different viewpoint than that of the teacher. Something that the teacher has gone

over in class and the child did not completely comprehend could come a little easier from the

ALEKS tutorial. This program starts in second grade and builds at each grade level until they

leave the school. ALEKS goes right along with the standards at each grade.

We follow a math textbook that follows the state standards for each grade level.

The students work daily on morning math drills and afternoon math drills. These drills consist of

timed multiplication grids, review of math standards daily, and fast five where they practice the

four operations and a word problem.

Each classroom uses manipulatives to enhance the lessons that are taught.

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