A typical day in the life of an Air and Space Academy student is structured in a way that

they will not get bored. We start our day by saying The Pledge of Allegiance and singing the

National Anthem. Then we have a moment of silence. At this time, we complete morning work,

which consists of penmanship, math review, phonemes, syllables, and grid multiplication. At this

time we move into our Math curriculum. We have guided learning, practice, and check for

understanding. Then they do a little independent practice with the concept that was taught.

Continuing with our learning momentum with conquer our reading, language, and spelling

standards. This takes us right to lunch, which is thirty minutes.

After lunch, we head back upstairs and do dust busters, which is where we clean our

classroom. This helps us stay organized. Then, we have our afternoon opening of fast five and

read aloud or Sustained Silent Reading. We continue strong right into Writing where we learn

how to write different types of essays. Persuasive, Explanatory, fictional narratives, opinion

pieces, and friendly and Business letters are a few types of the essays we learn to write on a

weekly basis. Science and Social Studies is also an important part of our curriculum. We take

the standards of what each grade should be learning and teach the topics that go with that

standard. At this time, we head downstairs for a 15-minute break to stretch and enjoy a healthy

snack. It is then back upstairs for centers, computer, and tutoring time for each child based on

his or her ability. At the end of the day, we review each topic, pass out homework, and gather

our belongings to head home.

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