A Typical Day for 5-8th Graders

8:30  we do pledge, song, and moment of silence

8:45 we go upstairs where we start with a penmanship paper, DOL, and a timed multiplication math grid, where students must complete within 4 minutes.     9-10 students work on essays. there are different types each week. they do webb, sentences, outline, rough draft, and final papers each week.      10-11 students switch to math. 1st working out of their books, then switching to computer programs such as ALEX or CODE.org.     11-12 students work on ELA. this is both out of a book and computer program called SPELLING CITY.

12-12:30 lunch and recess.

12:30-1 students start afternoon with a half hour  of MYON reading computer program, followed by half hour of reading aloud as a class from the projector.   1-2  this time is for science/ s.s./  and history where they learn about chemistry, anatomy,  the solar system and geology in science. state and federal government, and laws in s.s.  and history we learn about different cultures, about Arizona’s history and U.S. historical events.

2-2:30 this half hour is all about art and crafts, where students do various activities.

2:30-3  this time frame I try to have fun…the class will either debate on a current topic or each student  will write half page about a topic and then  read it  to class followed by a  discussion.

3-3:30  this is our P.E. time where we play basketball, kickball, frizbee or some type of activity outside on playground.

3:30-3:45 these last few minutes are used to discuss homework, what’s happening the following day,  and a review of what we did in class that day.

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