Coding at Air and Space Academy is used at our school to give children the opportunity to use computer science. Every Friday

students are shown a different level they will be working on in on their own. Students will first be shown

the level on a television screen and then will work on their own computer. During about the first 18

weeks of the school year, students will work on course 1. Course 1 begins by teaching young children,

even kindergarten and 1 st graders, to drag and drop images. The course begins simple in order for each

child to gradually begin coding. Eventually the course uses the drag and drop skills to teach children to

run programs by making a character, such as angry bird and a buzzing bee, complete certain tasks.

Students are excited to see the power they have to make an interesting character move on a screen. The

levels become more challenging but are able to prepare students to create many of their own computer

games later in the year. By the end of the 18 weeks, students will be ready to complete different

programs that include a series of levels that end with a chance for children to create their own computer

game! Students are even given a link that they can use on another computer or phone and play their

game whenever they want. Popular games to create include characters from Flappy Bird, Star Wars,

Frozen, Disney Infinity, Ice Age, Minecraft, and plenty more. Every week is a new adventure and

students look forward to coding all week.

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