A Typical Day in the Life of a 1 st Grader at Air and Space Academy

Our day begins by saying the Pledge of Allegiance and singing a patriotic song followed by a moment of

silence from 8:30-8:35. Next we walk up to our classroom by 8:40 and say the day of the week that is

today, yesterday, and tomorrow. We also say this month, last month, and next month. Then all students

sit at their desk where they will find a pencil and penmanship sheet to trace and rewrite from 8:45-9:00.

By 9:00 students will copy 3-4 phonemes that are written on the board and will need to write the

correct spelling word that belongs to each sound. By 9:15 students will work as a class to complete

Spelling City activities that they will also complete at home that same day. At 9:30 students work on

finding patterns with skip counting and grouping numbers to prepare for Speed Math Multiplication

later in the year. At 9:45 students are given this time to eat a healthy snack that is brought from home.

At 10:00 students are given a math lesson based on a Motivation Math packet that will be used

throughout the week. At 10:30 students work as a class in Progress ELA workbooks where they will be

read, read, and write different types of text. At 11:00 students will work on Science or Social Studies.

Students will be shown a MyOn Reading book or be read a section of their science textbook based on

the topic we are working on for the week. After hearing enough information students will be prepared

to draw a picture that shows what they have learned about that topic. There is also the occasional class

project, experiment, or activity that is included in Science or Social Studies. At 11:30 students eat lunch

and have time to play outside. At 12:00 students will sweep, spray, or wipe areas of the classroom and

switch jobs each week. At 12:15 students listen to a chapter book that is read by teacher and answer to

questions about the reading for that day. At 12:30 students are given five math problems that are

appropriate for 1 st graders and the lessons they have covered. At 12:45 students are given a sentence on

the board that involves a grammar question. At 1:00 students will have this time to have P.E, music, or

art. At 1:30 students will continue the math lesson from the morning but will work in workbooks and be

given further instruction. At 2:00 students will work in Phonics packets that help with early learning

readers. At 2:30 students will create essay sentences as a class but include their own words for parts of

each sentence. At 3:00 students will be given access to computers if needed for homework and/or

complete any missing work from the day. On Fridays at 3:00 this would be the time to work on

individual coding which is an exciting computer science program offered at our school. At 3:30 students

pack up their belongings and make sure a sharpened pencil is on their desk to begin the next day. At

3:45 students will go home.

Shelby Branch

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