Art as a Subject in my Kindergarten Class

I teach Art in my kindergarten classroom every day. Art is an important

subject during childhood, but I think that it is more relevant at the age of five

and six. Children develop physical and psychological skills that they will

use during their whole lives during this period of time, and the hours they

spend in a classroom learning and interacting with other children, make a

positive impact in their capabilities and in their personalities.

Some skills that a kindergarten student develops and/or improve during the

scholar year are:

Motor skills like muscular coordination, balance, fine movements, gross

motor skills, muscular strength, among others.

Language development.

Reasoning and concept development.

Reading skills

Writing skills.

Creativity ( Art and Music ) skills.

Scientific reasoning.

Collective thought.

Social skills to interact with other children.

There are very important studies of Child Development that tells about

the many benefits a good program of Kindergarten provide to children.

I believe that Art is one of the most important tools in a curriculum for a

Kindergarten teacher, because it generates the creativity only human beings

are able to develop and that is unique for everyone. Also, a good class of Art

integrates almost all of the mentioned skills that a child develops during this

period of their lives. Lastly, children will form a better sense of their own

importance as individual persons through the expression of their Art.

Maria L. Rocha

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