A regular day for a kindergarten student begins at 8:30. They do the

Pledge of Allegiance, they sing a patriotic song, and keep 1 minute of

respectful silence.

The teacher calls attendance and guides the class to the classroom. There,

the students put their backpacks and other belongings in their assigned case.

They also give homework papers to the homework helper and put their

planner books in a tray.

Once on their sits, they start their penmanship assignment. At kinder, they

trace over one sentence of two to three lines that is already printed on the

paper. Then they have to copy it one more time in the other lines. It takes

them about thirty minutes to end this work. They put their finished paper

in a designed tray and get their notebooks to write the words of the week.

The Spelling words are written on the board; they are 15 to 20 words that

they copy on their notebooks. Then, they have to go to the books area and

read for 15 minutes. They select an alphabet book (To learn words that

begin with a specific letter); after this, they choose an easy book to be read.

and if they haven’t done their 15 minutes, they can choose any other book of

their preference.

After this assignments they return to their tables and they color, or use an

individual white board to draw. At ten o’clock students and teacher go to

wash hands to the bathrooms. Downstairs in the lunch area, they spend 15

minutes eating a snack. Back in the classroom, it is writing time. Students

write on their journals or on any assigned worksheet. The teacher walks in

between the tables, to help students to built words and sentences. If it is

necessary she seats with one or another student that requires more help.

At 10:45, it is time for phonics, either the teacher gives a lesson or uses

videos of phonics, songs, etc., At 11:00 o’clock students play using

educative toys. At 11:25, they go to wash their hands and get their lunch

cards. They eat their lunch (Aprox.20 minutes,) and play outdoors for about

10 minutes.

It is time to return to the classroom. The class helper passes the English

books. Teacher and students work together on this guided English lesson .

Reading aloud or Story Time at about 12:30 p.m. At 1:00 p.m. they get

their Math workbooks and work on them for about 30 minutes. Sometimes

they uses manipulative to reinforce a Math concept., or work on an assigned

Math worksheet. Two days of the week, they have a Social Studies lesson

at this hour. Other days they take a lesson of Sciences that includes a

simple experiment. At two thirty students and teacher go to the yard, and

play for about 20 minutes, if the weather is extreme, they play in the

classroom. Then they return to work on any unfinished paper of the day or

they have Art. They paint, cut, paste, model. or do anything to express

their creativity. At 3:30, students clean their tables, and get ready to go

home. Once they have their homework papers and their planner books, they

pack up and get out of the classroom. At 3:45 they are dismissed and one

more school day, is over.

Maria L. Rocha

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